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Dry dog food is a convenient base food for dogs of all breeds and ages. It can be fed dry or, if your dog prefers, soaked in warm water. Supplement our high quality dry dog foods with our nutritious canned products and tasty treats.


Good Noze Lamb and Honey

Good Noze Lamb and Honey

Good Noze Lamb and Honey 200g


NZ Lamb and Honey - Freeze Dried Meat Morsels

Product Description: 100% natural premium petfood


This petfood is fresh, natural, New Zealand meat, just freeze-dried for convenience. The innovative freeze-drying process the Good Noze team use retains the flavour and nutritional benefits of raw food, while only removing the water. The result is perfectly formed meat morsels, which are healthy, nutrient-dense and full of flavour.

100% dry product that’s easy to handle and ideal as a full meal, topper or treat.

Their freeze-dried product is crafted with fresh New Zealand sourced meats. Nothing added but essential vitamins and minerals. No artificial preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, colours or flavours, wheat, gluten, soy or rice… guaranteed.

Their petfood is made in New Zealand by Kiwi’s, with fresh kiwi ingredients.

The Good Noze team consulted one of New Zealand’s leading animal nutritionist’s, with over 25 years experience, resulting in perfectly crafted meals that are balanced and formatted to AAFCO standards.



- 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee*

- Totally natural ingredients

- All the flavour and nutritional benefits of raw food

- Great alternative to raw food

- Offers relief from certain allergies

- Greater stamina and vitality

- Improved appetite and digestion

- Taste dogs love

- Ideal for fussy eaters

- For dogs of all life stages

- Perfectly balanced food

- Complete meal or treat

- 100% New Zealand made

- High in protein and energy

- 100% dry product - easy to handle as a meal or treat

- No fridge storage required

- A product that’s kind on the nose

- A quick and easy travel companion

ways ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water.


Price: $22.65