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Our high quality cat kibbles provide balanced nutrition at a cost-effective price.


Beef and Fish Cat Kibble

Beef and Fish Cat Kibble 20kg

Beef and Fish Cat Kibble 20kg North Island


We have been lucky enough to gain access to a cancelled export order of high quality cat food. Highly palatable Beef and Fish cat kibble is a cost-effective option for people feeding large numbers of cats.


Meat and meat byproducts derived from beef and/or fish, whole grain cereals and cereal byproducts, beef tallow, beef flavour, vegetable oil, salt, choline chloride, methionine DL, taurine, vitamins and minerals, powdered cellulose, natural antioxidants, yucca extract. 


Crude Protein 30%

Crude Fat 17%

Crude Fibre 2%

Beef and Fish is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for cat maintenance.

Product of Australia


Small (less than 3kg) 40-60g per day

Medium (3-5kg) 60-80g per dayLarge (over 5kg) 80g + per dayMeal servings are approximate and will vary depending on size, age, breed and activity level of your cat


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